Ayurvedic Medicines

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Four Vedas are the base of Arya culture. Vedas are the books of best knowledge. Vedas are collection of various definitions of science; it defines different stages of science. It defines all respects of human being it is about what are seen or unseen to us, inner sense and outer sense, universe, disease, birth and death, nature and environment, ecology, person and society etc. While defining those and other things they are providing us a system, a goal, reason behind every action in life, method etc.

Atharva Veda is one of the four Vedas and ayurveda is a part of Atharv Veda. Ayurveda defines various stages of health, disease and their treatments and various therapies. There are eight parts of ayurveda these are internal treatment, surgery, supra- clavicular region treatment, pediatrics including obstetrics and gynecology, toxicology, pertaining to micro organism or spirits, Pramotive treatment and pertaining to aphrodisiac. Expert vaidya (doctor in ayurveda) are those who have deep knowledge of science of drugs (Dravya) their properties and action (Guna) he must have command over diagnosis and pharmacology.
The law of uniformity of nature was established which helped in applying the physical laws to the biological field. It means the founder of ayurveda was depends on the nature and entire nature was their laboratory and their own keen observation and divine vision worked as their instrument. But today’s advance medical system is totally taking dependency on tools and equipments and means& mechanical, therefore going beyond of nature and its law.
In ayurveda diagnosis & treatment is depend on research and investigation. Ayurveda believes that donation, prayer, self study etc. is not enough but continuous researches help us to grow and to satisfy.

By above discussion it is clear that ayurveda is totally based on scientific principles. The base of research work in ayurveda is principle of action – causes and theirs results. That’s the reason ayurveda is always young an advance. But western countries are always concentrated on physical science so they do not have enough knowledge of spiritual science and social un-uniformity has increased.
The principle of Ayurveda Universe is based on social uniformity; its goal is to combine modern science with traditional science, we are working to make ayurveda more applied and competent with modern methods and equipments that are used for fixation of standard of diagnosis and experiments. So ayurveda would be able to contribute in social development and various fields in life, it would be able to protect nature and provide medical facilities to every one.

In every stream of treatment there are four Groups which are used in production of medicines:
1. Plant Kingdom
2. Animal Kingdom/ Bio Products
3. Minerals
4. Research and alkaloid products
Ayurveda also use above in the production of medicines. Pharmacy products are in the form of Churna, Bati, Avleha, Asava, Arista, Modaka, Pak, Rasa, Bhasma, Satava, Malhama, Baam, Suchi Bheda, Kuvipakva Rasayana, Kwatha, Dhan Satva, Kshar, Tail, etc. But due to influence of modern medical science some times they could be in the form of coated tape, capsules, syrup, injection, ointment etc.
Ayurveda Universe will provide medicine which would be prepared by Ayurveda Universe itself , in these forms

1. Herbal Products:
a) single drug treatment :
b) Mixture of different herbs
c) Extracts of herbs they could be in the form of powder, tablets, capsules etc.

2. Compound Drugs:

these are prepared in the form of Capsules, tablets, Syrup, granules etc
a) Herbal With Bio Products
b) Herbals And Minerals: Ras, Bhasm & Kupipakwa Rasayana

Other Suitable Drugs which are available in market and their quality is assured by us. Ayurveda Universe is not involve in commercial production of classical medicine of ayurveda and its patent medicines but if needed or if got offer from other organisation to produce medicine in partnership then we could consider it.

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