It is progressive brain disorder that causes a gradual and irreversible decline in memory, language skills, perception of time and space, and, eventually, the ability to care for oneself


Alzheimer’s patients find difficult to communicate, learn, think, and reason. Their Ofifce work, social activities and family life get affected.

How does Alzheimer occurs:

Inside the brain there are hundreds of billions of nerve cells connected by trillions of fibers called axons and dendrites .The activity between them controls your thoughts, feelings, drives, aspirations, and personality. This control center of all that you do think and feel is very vulnerable to its environment as it floats in a bath of cerebrospinal fluid just like a fish in a tank absorbs whatever is put in the tank. In Alzheimer’s disease many conditions like the reaction to foods drugs, herbs, body activities, lifestyles and sometimes genetic mapping etc create a confused interlacing of these fibers followed by neurotic plaques, granular vascular degeneration, Brain sink age and decreased amount of brain chemicals involved in communication called neuro transmitters. All of these changes impair the function of the brain cells and eventually lead to cellular death. The sad part is unlike other cells the brain is unable to regenerate new neurons.

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