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The education in India was based on Gurukul (A type of school where students was living and studying in close guidance of their Guru.). Students were getting expertness by research, debate and experiments under the guidance of Guru. Literature, Sculpture, Music, Ayurveda, astrology, Astronomy, Tantra, Technology, Art of war, etc. was growing with tradition of guru and family. There are so many families in India where interest in ayurveda is inherited from there ancestors, and these families are expert in ayurveda, and they are successful doctor. Just like son of a fish man who never afraid of sea and they learn fishing by them self without any formal training, doctors in ayurveda are trained by their soul.

Family of Dr. Mishra is serving the society through the ayurveda by tradition. Grandfather and great grandfather of Dr. Mishra was expert and famous physician in ayurveda. Now Dr.Mishra is running on the same way. If some one will get guidelines and learning with Dr. Mishra then definitely he/she would be satisfied.
Dr. Mishra is a graduate in ayureveda from Government college of ayurveda of Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi, India and Post Graduate (M.D. Au.) in ayurveda from Banaras Hindu University (B.H.U), India. His Guru Acharya Priya Vrata Sharma has much research work on Medicinal Plants, principle theory & matter. Father of Dr. Mishra is former Head of department of astrology In B.H.U, now days he is religious "Acharya" of “Sanatan Dharma Mahasabha” in Mauritius. His wife is daughter of Rajvaidya (A doctor who treat only the member of royal family).


By following the tradition of family Dr. Mishra has great knowledge in the field of Ayurveda, Astrology, Tantra and Spirituality. So while working in the field of ayurveda he has established an organization “Ayurveda Universe”. He always pays his effort to explore the ancient knowledge and hidden science behind ayurveda. He is working for this project since 1994 with his friend Pratipatti Ramaiyah. His work for ayurveda and spiritual science is continuous.

With great desire to serve the world Dr. Mishra is working on ayurveda. So it could be practical and globally adopted. According to his thinking multidimensional use of ayurveda should be developed on scientific ground so that preservation and growth of natural resources would be possible. The modern therapies have notable and important role in our life and of course it is effective and powerful, but due more commercialization it has has ruined the soul of medical science so it is not possible for a poor to get treatment by these therapies. There are so many types of diseases have come in existence and number of these are growing. Instead that number of research institutes is working but they are not able to control these disease.

Instead of profit making trend in market, Ayurveda which is on peak of its development, always tries that it would be easily available to every one. Treatment with ayurveda is not only business it is like prayer for doctors. Care of human being is first then business is second for ayurveda.

About Organization

In every country according to situation and environment medical facilities are naturally available. With continuous development different uses of different thing has invented, on the basis of these knowledge medical facilities has grown up. Birds and animals have also contribution in this development. Different kinds of therapies are known to us by tribes and farmers. At the age when modern laboratories was not developed then how these therapies was invented? Definitely experience of the tribes and villagers are the basis of modern therapies and they provide basic ground for modern research.
It is clear that in early age medical facilities were available in small units, doctors were making medicines by themselves and they used to give medicine to patient after diagnosis. This tradition could be found in whole world till 18th century. During war or in king's court these could be found in large setup but the method was same. But after 18th century medical facilities were spreading every where and in British colonies the supply of these facilities was in bulk. It was the time when commercialization of medical facilities has started. With the help of scientific equipments and methods medical science has developed in those 200 years. Now days due to commercialization good medical facilities are centralized in cities only so in urban areas it is not available to every one. Due to above reasons W.H.O has given importance to Alternative treatment/ Traditional medicine.
Ayurveda universe is based on the priciple that doctors will prepare herbal medicines by themselves and will use during treatment. Here Treatment is based on deep study of patient’s behavior, his nature, work, culture, food habits, and effect of cosmic rays on his body. This study is based on ayurveda and astrology. After above study, doctors decide medicine and in addition, for quick healing, yoga, herbs or other treatment. Production and storage of herbs are entirely based on natural resources. Medicines are available in the form of Powder, extract, alkali and could be delivered in tablet, capsule or in liquid. Ayurveda Universe is growing to achieve the goal make the human beings healthy & happy.



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